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Every customer should receive design without compromising

About Us

 September 1st, 1963 A group of Engineering students established the Kick Out Auto Institute in  Compton, Montego Bay to develop and produced small 2 door cars. Two years later,Kick Out Auto, Ltd. was born, and in 1959 Kick Out Auto opened its first storefront in its birthplace in Compton, Montego Bay, with four industrious employees.

Ever since, we have been inspired to create innovative products that will enhance human mobility and better benefit peoples, way of living. We strongly believe that customers should receive design without compromising the desire for style and elegance, as well as safety and performance, thus we are committed to producing the best automobiles that you will ever step foot in.  The strength of our company comes from the doctrine that the founders live by- that is, only the best is good enough. 

Our success in the global marketplace is the result of our diligent and forwarding thinking staff, who strive to be the best at all time, and always ensure hat that they have the company's best interest at heart . 

We thank our customers for the support and trust they've put into us. We look forward to the challenge of creating new products and services that bring value to our customers for another 50 years.