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Kick Out Auto

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Full Service Checklist: (32 items including Road Test)

  • Check operation of instruments gauges all warning lights and horn.
  • Check operation of interior and exterior lights.
  • Check condition of front and rear (if fitted) wiper blades and operation of washers, top up fluid.
  • Check brake fluid level, top up or replace if due (if requested, extra cost).
  • Check clutch and power steering fluid level (if applicable), top up.
  • Check battery terminals and security.
  • Replace spark plugs. (long life / iridium spark plugs will incur an extra charge if due).
  • Check operation and travel of handbrake.
  • Check brake pedal operation and travel.

Vehicle raised off the ground

  • Check (where fitted) power assisted steering belt or auxiliary drive belt for condition and adjustment.
  • Check engine and gearbox mountings for security and wear.
  • Check and inspect under body of vehicle for corrosion or damage.
  • Visually inspect radiator/cooling system for leaks and check condition of hoses.
  • Replace oil filter.
  • Renew engine oil (includes fully synthetic oil if required).
  • Replace air filter.
  • Replace Fuel filter for Diesel Engines (Long life Fuel filters will incur an extra charge if due).
  • Check front and rear brake pad discs and measure thickness
  • Visually inspect condition and security of steering rack: suspension, mountings and gaiters.
  • Visually inspect track rod ends,ball joints for condition wear and security.
  • Visually inspect drive shaft joints for wear and gaiter condition and prop shaft joints for wear and condition.
  • Visually inspect exhausts system condition,security and leakage.
  • Visually inspect security and condition of fuel lines, brake pipes, flexible hoses and handbrake cables.
  • Check for any visible signs of brake fluid leakage on front and rear back plates
  • Visually inspect front and rear shock absorber, suspension and mountings, for wear, condition and leakage.
  • Check all tyres for condition and wear, check and adjust all tyre pressures.
  • Check wheel bearings for excess play or noise.
  • Check and advice on timing belt replacement interval.

Final Checks
  • Carry out road test.
  • Reset service level indicator (Where applicable).
  • Stamp service book.